O Tartan! My Tartan!

Even though we’re counting down the days till Spring, this beautiful illustration by French artist Ambre Clavel has got us a little tartan crazy:


Before tartan was trending as the national dress of Scotland, it was banned by the Scottish government in an attempt to bring warring clans under control.

It’s funny to think that tartan — a pattern that consists of horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors, usually made with wool — was once outlawed. Especially considering the way men in kilts are perceived as today.


Thankfully, hundreds of years have passed and nowadays you don’t have to worry about warring clans/haters looking down on your tartan sensibilities.


You can also thank your lucky stars that kilts aren’t the only thing tartan is made into. Unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing.

-Therese AKA OMGDANNYDEVITO, now waneloblogging nonstop!